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      Ruian Zhengda Machinery Co.,Ltd
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      Product List  
           JBZ-500 Automatic Paper Plate Machine
           JDGT-PF Muffin Cake Cup Machine
           JBZ-600full automatic special shape paper plate machine
           JDGT-TF Tulip Cake Cup Machine
           JDGT-BE Curved Lips Cake Cup Machine
           JDGT Cake Tray Forming Machine
           JDGT-R24 Roll Case Cake Cup Machine
           Full-automatic Paper Lunch Box Machine
           JBZ-400 Paper Plate Machine
           JDGT-PL Full-automatic Plum Cake Cup Machine
           ZHCJ-II Paper Meal Box Machine
           JWZ-100 Paper Bowl Machine
           JDGT-100 Semi-auto Paper Cake Cup Machine
           PYQ203 Die Cutting Machine
           ZD-420 Cup Lid Making Machine
           JBZS-B Double PE Paper Cup Machine
           JLM-II Paper Cup Handle Machine
      JWZ-100 Paper Bowl Machine
      Main specifications:
      • Micro-controlled transducer
      • Step-less speed adjustment
      • Automatic control adopts optically controlled non contact switch
      • Automatic Bowl-fan-wall body feeding, sealing
      • Automatic Bowl bottom feeding, punching, edge curling, knurling
      •  Automatic Bowl top edge curling
      • Automatic bowls counter

      Other specifications:

      • Paper bowls body side sealing by heater,
      • Paper bowls bottom sealing by hot air station,
      • Full automatic
      • Easy change molds produce different bowls(demand the cups with the same bottom diameter, the same coning)
      • Easy operating by operator
      • Easy maintenance with minimum cost
      • Cheap operating cost and low investment
      • Additional equipments needed for this bowl machine. (air compressor)
      • One side PE coated paper bowls use as big capacity for soup bowls,noodle bowls,handy container and other field.
      Main Technical Parameter:

      Paper size:
      50oz, 80oz, 130oz,185oz and other sizes
      Raw material:
      Double sides or single PE coated paper
      Suitable paper weight:
      170--450 g/m2(Recommend 200--350 g/m2 )
      Ration productivity:
      Electrical supply
      380V 60hz
      Total power:
      Overall size:


      We can manufacture special sizes of paper bowl according to customers advice.

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