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      Ruian Zhengda Machinery Co.,Ltd
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      Product List  
           JBZ-500 Automatic Paper Plate Machine
           JDGT-PF Muffin Cake Cup Machine
           JBZ-600full automatic special shape paper plate machine
           JDGT-TF Tulip Cake Cup Machine
           JDGT-BE Curved Lips Cake Cup Machine
           JDGT Cake Tray Forming Machine
           JDGT-R24 Roll Case Cake Cup Machine
           Full-automatic Paper Lunch Box Machine
           JBZ-400 Paper Plate Machine
           JDGT-PL Full-automatic Plum Cake Cup Machine
           ZHCJ-II Paper Meal Box Machine
           JWZ-100 Paper Bowl Machine
           JDGT-100 Semi-auto Paper Cake Cup Machine
           PYQ203 Die Cutting Machine
           ZD-420 Cup Lid Making Machine
           JBZS-B Double PE Paper Cup Machine
           JLM-II Paper Cup Handle Machine
      PYQ203 Die Cutting Machine

      PYQ203 CREASING AND CUTTING MACHINE is a special equipment for creasing and cutting ordinary cardboard corrugated plastic and leather in general,applicable to printing packaging decoration and plastic industries, The Machine is characterized by compact structure, fine workmanship, big pressure, high precision and easy and reliable operation,ect. MAJOR CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: High strength due to one piece casting by using top quality materials for machine body. Smooth running, big pressure and low noise are obviously remarked as 3-step helical gear machanism is adopted.Single plate electromagmetic clutch is sensitive sudreliable .Operational alitude is reasonably arranged,Monving-bed opeds to its optimum. Electical system is designed in comformity with IEC standard.Safty system is really reliable.

      Main Technical Parameter:

      MODEL PYQ401C PYQ203 MI1300
      lnner chasesize 675*485mm 930*660mm 1300*920mm
      speed 25 23+3Strokes/min 20+2Strokes/min
      Max.rul length <15m <25m 40m
      Motor power 2.2kw 4kw 5.5kw
      Nett weight 2000kg 3000kg 5600kg
      Overall dimensions 1500*1350*1150mm 1720*1530*1620mm 1800*2120*1600mm

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